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Transcription of the letter shown:

Mr. Robert C. Borton
P.O. Box 72
Graham, Washington 98338

10 January 1977

Commandant of the Marine Corps
Code MSFA-1
Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps
Washington, D.C. 20340

Dear Sir,

I am the father and sole beneficiary of SSgt Robert C. Borton, Jr. 492 46 61 71 USMC who is now listed as an MIA from Viet Nam.

After this extended period I feel that to continue to list my son as missing in action will serve no positive purpose, and, therefore, I desire to ask the Secretary of the Navy to change my son's status to killed in XXXXXXXX CAPTIVITY

Will you please assist?

Sincerely yours,
Robert C. Borton Sr.
The "XXXXXX" on the letter was a correction made. I think it was originally typed as "killed in action", but was latter changed to "killed in captivity". The father claims that he was approached in the summer of 1976 by these 2 men with the letter but he blew them off. Eventually, he signed it after being harassed by the men "over a period of weeks". What's interesting though is that the letter is dated January 10th, 1977. 6 months after he claims to have been approached by the men on the street. And the segment mentions that Curt's father made no mention of any of this for 10 years.

Gut instinct is that the father had someone type the letter up for him in an effort to gain the money he eventually received. He feels guilty about it later when his daughter begins her aggressive search into finding him, so exaggerates the story into 2 mysterious men approached him and had him sign this letter, and incorporates that into further evidence that he was still alive. I do think the father honestly believed (or wanted to believe) that Curt was still alive, and by inventing the story would make it more believable, and possibly have someone look deeper into it.
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