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Originally Posted by Labonte18 View Post
Of course, you say "Can't happen".. Well.. See the above post.. That's about EXACTLY what happened there. You'd likely also have to assume that the sighting of him with 3 other people in a car was in error. Which.. Happens FAR more often than sightings being accurate, IMO.

Now.. I'm not advocating MrsD's theory. I'm not saying it's likely. I am saying that.. With a few tweaks to it.. There's enough there to at least think about. A long shot, but.. Plausible.
The case linked wasn't solved because no one really seemed to be looking that hard to find her. And it wasn't just a misspelled name, it was also the SSN being fudged. And if by chance he did die somewhere shortly after his disappearance, and there was no foul play involved, I would think that in Louisiana they'd be more inclined to spell his name the correct way with the "aux" due to the cajun backgrounds of many residents of LA.
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