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Originally Posted by dynoguy88 View Post
He lived with one of his three daughters. And since the last sighting of him was when he was buying milk at the store, I think it's safe to assume he never made it home. All three daughters were frantic with worry the next day.

My main problem with MrsD's theory is that if these friends wanted to stage an intervention to the point that it basically involved kidnapping him, there would be no reason to leave the daughters in the dark. Any kind of logical intervention would involve the family members. They're the ones who had the longest history of living with AJ's addiction and were the most affected by it's drawbacks and improvement. To force an intervention FIRST and leave them completely out of the loop would be incredibly cruel.

This would also mean that the daughter AJ was living with would have had no idea he had even relapsed. I think that's asking a lot.
Now, the 'friends' part, yeah.. I disagree with.. I don't see that as possible. As I said, you have to change some things around about that theory, and that's one of them. That being said.. The case I was involved with.. Read through this post on it..

In that case, the husband dropped her off at a mental health clinic.. Where she died. For 25 years, noone could find her.. When the husband was interviewed by the cops, he never mentioned the fact that he dropped her off at that clinic/hospital.. So.. It does take a certain level of bat-**** crazy or complete asshattery to do something like that, but it does happen. Do I think it could have happened here with THREE people? No. One person can keep a secret. More than that cannot.

But.. Let's say he buys the milk.. Meets someone, and.. Falls off the wagon. He gets taken by this 'friend', perhaps at his request, to a detox center.. Where he passes. Friend really isn't a friend, just someone he met and started drinking with.. Paperwork is screwed up.. He gives his name as AJ Breaux and people at the center record it as AJ Brough

He's an unclaimed body and buried in the paupers cemetery.

Of course, you say "Can't happen".. Well.. See the above post.. That's about EXACTLY what happened there. You'd likely also have to assume that the sighting of him with 3 other people in a car was in error. Which.. Happens FAR more often than sightings being accurate, IMO.

Now.. I'm not advocating MrsD's theory. I'm not saying it's likely. I am saying that.. With a few tweaks to it.. There's enough there to at least think about. A long shot, but.. Plausible.
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