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Default Why Hollywood won't cast Jason Biggs anymore

Jason Biggs' first major film role really took the cake… or pie. Portraying Jim Levenstein in the classic teen comedy American Pie in 1999 made Biggs a star. He'd never headlined a movie before, but more than held his own as an awkward high school kid trying to get girls interested in him — a role that required him to pretend to both pleasure himself and get caught in the act with a warm apple pie.

Biggs portrayed Jim three more times, among many other roles in the years since the first Pie hit movie theaters. He's starred in a slew of other teen and bro comedies, and he's now almost as widely known for portraying Larry, fiancé of the imprisoned Piper Chapman, in the early seasons of Orange Is the New Black. But he doesn't appear all that much in films and TV these days — at least not as much as he used to. Here are a few reasons movie producers no longer seem quite as hungry for a slice of Biggs.

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