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Originally Posted by Steve W.
I believe the first half of the story but then I always question his "friend" Samuel C. Carroll's story about taking him outside.

If that really happened and Kurt really wandered off, I think that: A. his body would have been discovered the next day rather than 5 days later and B. it would have been able to discount the story that Angeline Reddicks and her husband saw two males carrying another male towards the area where Kurt's body was found shortly before Halloween.

As it is, I don't think Carroll's story of taking him outside and Sova wandering off (or someone picking him up) is true.
I mention this in the podcast, but one aspect of Samuel's story which has never rang true to me is him going inside to grab Kurt's jacket. When the Sovas visited the duplex days later, they found Kurt's jacket there, but why wouldn't Samuel take the jacket with him when he left?
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