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Originally Posted by michaelfreshour
My name is michael freshour, paul freshour is my grandfather, I have never met him him personally but heard lots of stories from my dad mark freshour who paul accussed of committing the crimes, his own son what a great guy right. I dont know who nfresh is if he is real or just somebody typing stuff up. But Paul was a very nice man and smart guy to his friends and in front of a lot of people but however he beat my grandmother (KAREN) and often beat my dad all the time ( he once put him in the oven for 30-40 minutes for time out) he also rip part of my grandmas hair outfor asking him to stop hitting my aunt. He is a ****ty person and I know the real story and what happen and let me tell you he is a guilty man, the guy in the elcamino was paul he borrowed my grandmas brothers car that very day which was a yellow elcamino. He is a liar and a scammer. I'm not like nfresh ill put names out there and can prove and answer any question.
You do know at least some details about this case which are not commonly known. One being the name of Paul's ex-wife Karen, the other being that her brother did own a yellow El Camino like the one seen by the bus driver. That is consistent with the story. What is also consistent is the disdain that you show Paul Freshour, the same disdain shared by your grandmother. Being that you never met your grandfather and only have what your parents and grandmother told you to go on, you have no way of actually knowing what he did or didn't do. I have a few problems with the theory of Paul being the one who set the trap.

For one, the man spotted by the El Camino was different in appearance to Paul having completely different hair color. Also, why would Karen's brother agree to loan Paul his car AFTER Paul was already divorced from Karen and estranged completely from her side of the family? What motive in the world did Paul have to either write the letters or attempt to murder Mary Gillespie? And another thing, like it or not, if Paul really did write the letters then he was too smart and careful to lay such a careless trap, one that not only failed but incriminated him directly.

I believe that Karen framed or hired someone to frame Paul for the attempted murder. Here are my reasons:

Motive: Divorce court was very generous to Paul Freshour. He got custody of the children, the house and money and funds. Being in jail and a convicted attempted murderer would certainly change the court's mind.

Means: Access and knowledge of location of Paul's handgun. Access to brother's car. The yellow and black El Camino was one of only two cars of that description registered in Ohio at the time.

Opportunity: Karen herself was not seen with the El Camino, however it was a man that neither resembled herself or Paul. This very well could have been the brother or her lover which no one would have recognized.

Vengeance: Karen did not stop or begin at the attempt to ruin Paul this one time. She moved in with Mary after the divorce and told Mary that Paul was the one writing the letters. She also "borrowed" Paul's typewriter to try and link it to the case after he was in jail. And she cooperated with Sheriff Radcliffe against Paul.

The Trap: The trap was poorly constructed and ineffective. The serial numbers were poorly scratched off. And I just find it hard to believe that this was a serious attempt on Mary's life. This seems like a blatant set up if anything. Why would Paul, an accomplished, educated man mastermind this chain of letters, then stupidly rig a trap that pointed directly to him?
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