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Who else, other than Paul Freshour, would have had access to Paul's gun? His wife. Who would want an affair to end involving their sister-in-law cheating on their brother? Paul's wife. Paul's wife, IMO, has a better motive in committing these crimes than Paul did. I think it's entirely possible that in an effort to frame Paul, she half-assed an attempt at rubbing the serial number off of the gun (knowing that it would be traced back to Paul) and had someone set up this crude booby trap (possibly even Mary Gillespie herself making up the story of "discovering" it), knowing it wouldn't go off, only to frame Paul. That really is the bottom line on the booby trap. Whoever set it up (due to its "crude" nature), obviously knew it was entirely possible that it wouldn't have went off and shot Mary (or it could have been discovered by an innocent bystander who was killed), so their main motive in setting the trap, IMHO, was not to kill Mary Gillespie, but to frame Paul Freshour. And again, who would have a motive in doing this? Paul's wife.
Agreed - I just watched the whole thing on youtube all partied come off as pretty dim, actually. I can't believe Paul gave all those writing samples to the police!! I am a HUGE fan of law enforcement but I would have said, "Look....I want a lawyer."

Finding a gun in a box would have freaked me out big time.
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