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Originally Posted by UMFaninMD
OK, Jessica Fletcher I'm not, but after watching the segment several times, I got a feeling it was Mary Gillispie who wrote the original letter, perhaps as an anonymous way to confess her affair with the school superintendent but at the same time make it look like she was an innocent victim and then either she or an accomplice started flooding the town with other letters. Then this accomplice murdered Mary's husband so she could be free to continue with the affair without interference, stole Paul Freshour's gun and planted it at the bus stop sign so Mary would still look like a victim. With Paul, a relative that apparently is not liked by some of the family, taking the blame, nobody would be the wiser.

Someone who was part of this family other than Paul or a close friend had to have had a part in this. Why would this group of people be targeted in the first place? I think it all comes back to the alleged affair. I agree with scc, that the affair started before the letters began.
good thought,Mary seems to have something to hide by admitting the affair,but then lying and saying it started *after the she possibly wrote the letters then? why would she feel the need to say that? also,I think the sheriff and superintendent were involved.
I'm not sure if it was ever intended for Mary's husb. to be killed..perhaps the only intent was for him to leave seems things didn't play out as expected,and he went after someone after the phone call.I think he fired his gun at this person and missed,and either hit the tree then,or was beaten and then the 'accident' was seems it all spiraled out of control,starting with the phone call,and that triggered a series of events,ending with Paul being set-up and going to prison for something he didn't do.
it's odd the trap didn't go off..I think perhaps Mary staged was in an odd place anyway..who's to say she would have even seen it in such a brushy area? someone who did that would want to make SURE she saw it.and we know she was at Paul's house,due to them all getting together to confront the letter 'writer'.
and the sheriff...I think he had seems odd Paul would get 10 yrs minimum for a booby trap that didn't even work.(much less would he not even bother to get the serial no. all the way off the gun).and then the letters continued while he was in prison,imo just as the author said 'when we set them up they stay set up'.iow,someone was giving Paul the middle finger by continuing the then he gets solitary and no parole...that just seems too convenient,and more like an inside job,as if the sheriff had connections there.
only other thing I can think to say about this case is that Paul said he was covering for someone else by copying the letters..I can only think that his wife would be the only one he would cover for,so seems they thought the writer was a woman? were they doing this to set Paul up,even though they knew Mary wrote them (or might have..).JAT.
I did notice Paul said he wasn't doing this to get back into the family's good graces,and that he had a new family now and wasn't going to look back.I thought that lent him a great deal of credibility,as his only aim is for justice to be served.he specifically said he wanted someone to 'look back at the letters and the accident'.so it seems the author and the killer (if it wasn't an accident) are connected.
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