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Originally Posted by eurekasjm
I'm just wondering if anyone ever looked into the bus driver that stated she saw the guy and the yellow El Camino? I states in the MU segment that the bus driver drove past that section of road about 20 minutes before Mary did. What are the chances that the bus driver could have stopped and put the box with the message on the side of the road for Mary to see. We and the UM segment are assuming that the bus driver was telling the truth but what if she made it up? What if she had some kind of issue with Mary and wanted to get at her by writing the letters and placing the boobie trap for Mary to see? And it's a small town so maybe this woman also knew that Paul kept his gun in his garage and knew that it was easy to get at. I'm one of the people who believes Paul Freshour is innocent and I question the validity of the information given by the bus driver. I know it's a stretch...but I just wonder if anyone looked into the bus driver???
idk,I lean twds that or either Mary set the trap herself and needed a witness to later come fwd to say she saw someone else at that site.
it seems like such a complicated case at face value,but I bet it all comes down to just 2-3 ppl,inc. the sheriff,who were involved,and I agree,I think Paul is innocent.someone sure didn't want UM coming to town,(likely the original letter writer?) and notice no one but Paul was interveiwed,and it would be safe to say all the main players in the case were asked.thus,one(or more of them) are the letter writer.
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