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I just looked at the video and RS did indeed say there were no phones in the rooms. He did NOT however say there was not a phone in the office(which is a moot point as it was closed) nor did he say there was no payphone at the motel. In fact if you look at the video at "that site" at approx 2:05 into it as the officer is driving by, I see what I think is a pay phone. It isn't good quality video, but it looks to me like a pay phone of that era in front of the office, between the mailbox and the office.

Cocytus, you again refer to this being in a bad area-

"And as I stated, not having a phone in the rooms is a sign of a low-end establishment"

That is your opinion, not a fact.

I can assure you it was not. As brandy also said- this was just an older section of the strip, lot's of mom & pop hotels not yet torn down for high rises. It was not a bad area then, nor is it now. I would think you should stop being so sure of this as you have never been there as some of us have many times. In fact, I have stayed at the hotels on either side of the Wilhite at different times. Once on spring break, in the late 70s, and once with my husband on just a weekend trip in the 90s. probably not long before they were all razed for condos. So I do know what I am talking about when I say this was not a low end, run down, drug infested area.
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