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Originally Posted by Killarney Rose
I think we all agree that the police might not have put their best foot forward on this case.

But, as Pamela's daughter posted, there is a suspect, but not enough evidence to prosecute. In many cases there will always be information that cannot for various reasons be made public, I think that is probably the case here.

Cocytus, I am sorry for sounding critical of you, but you keep saying the same things. You are beating a dead horse(IMHO) trying to read something into this case that just isn't there. Brandy has confirmed that this was not a seedy area. That is what I have also been saying. PJR did what many of us have done- she preferred traveling at night and didn't be as cautious as she should have been. She paid with her life. I have done the similar things when I was younger, though not at the beach. We just seem to take more risks when we are young. With age comes wisdom- and more caution.

I think you need to move past the notion that PJR had motives for being where she was at other than being on vacation with her kids. I really think it was unfortunately a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

As far as phones and smoking go- people were not as anti-smoking then. It is very doubtful anyone would be outside their room at that time just to smoke. Most of these hotels didn't even have no smoking rooms then, there was no need to step out to smoke.

pay phones were located free standing all up and down the strip at close intervals at this time. Also, people were not tied to the phone then like they are now. It was a different time then. No phone in the room was not probably a concern of hers. I am pretty sure that at minimum there was a payphone outside the office. As there was in most of these places.
I'm not trying to "read things into this." I have just looked at this case from several different angles and have seen more than a few things that didn't make sense to me.

Does that mean that I'm right? No, it doesn't. However this case been "cold" for almost twenty years, which is frankly ridiculous as there seem to have been a number of leads.
It's past time that a new look is taken at the available evidence and that may include new theories about the crime and the victim.

As to the payphones and smoking - I'm 44, so I remember having to use a payphone when I didn't have a cell phone. It was often an unpleasant experience, but I was glad to have one available. I'm just finding it difficult to believe that people who heard screams (according to them) at 5 am would not be concerned that those screams could mean something that could cause them harm. Which, coupled w/ the fact that no one used a payphone to call the police, is another sign of the low quality of the area that the Wilhite was in.

And as I stated, not having a phone in the rooms is a sign of a low-end establishment, as both Motel 6 and Knight's Inn (two low budget motel brands) both had phones in their motel rooms in the mid 80's. People not being as attached to phones as today doesn't really cut it: whether or not you are "attached" to a phone doesn't really matter if you have a medical emergency.

As far as smoking, I believe I did note that people could smoke in the rooms at that time, but people often went outside to smoke as to not disturb the people that were in the room w/ them sleeping. Well...some had enough respect for others to do that; I can't speak to the jerks that didn't.

I don't know why Ms. Ray decided to make the trip to PCB w/ her children alone. I don't know why she didn't make reservations in advance nor do I know why she didn't simply park her vehicle at a truck stop or all night restaurant and wait until morning when the hotels would be open. The only people that would know most of those things are Ms. Ray and her family, and the family didn't seem to be too forthcoming during the segment.

The bottom line is (I like writing that) that if you have a mystery you have failed to solve after extended period using traditional methods you really only have two choices: Use new methods or completely rethink the mystery. If that means looking deeper into the background of the victim and finding unpleasant things that may exist, then that's part of life.

A lot people seem to have pre-conceived notions of how the world works and easily dismiss narratives that may paint pictures of crimes, criminals and victims that don't comfortably fit into those notions. Honestly, if people can't look at crimes w/o a heavy dose of skepticism, a degree impartiality and thorough understanding of the dark sides of human nature, they probably shouldn't try to solve mysteries as they'll simply waste time and effort.
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