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Originally Posted by cocytus
Good to hear from somebody in PCB. Several things though:

1) Clearly the Wilhite was nowhere near the upper echelons of vacation motels as it didn't have phones in the rooms (something that even Motel 6 had at the time) and people staying there didn't think too much of hearing screams at 5 am.

2) Traveling at night,while easier for some, is usually poor idea in my experience. The chances of hitting something in the road,experiencing vehicle problems and not finding any place to take your car, and falling asleep are just too great for it to be practical, IMHO.

The part that I found odd was that Ms. Ray would drive to a busy vacation area w/o having a confirmed room reservation or apparently having any backup plan. While doing this alone might be reasonable, doing this w/ young children was a very questionable decision.

3) One thing that I never understood is that nobody was outside having a smoke at that time. While this was in the days of smoking in all rooms of a motel, people who couldn't sleep often went outside to smoke so as not to disturb others in the room.

I'm all surprised that someone wasn't outside burning one and heard or saw something that would help this case.

4) The payphone part is confusing. While I probably wouldn't stay in a motel in the US (or Canada) w/o a phone, I would definitely not stay in one that didn't at least have a payphone on the property.

Never mind what happened to Ms. Ray; what if you had a medical emergency? This is why I find so hard to believe that not one of the Wilhite's guests used the payphone to contact the police after they heard the screams. If nothing else , screaming might mean something that would a source of danger to the listener.

A number of things about this case don't make sense and it would have been nice if teh police had brought their A-game
in on this one. IMHO, this probably could have been solved shortly after it occurred had there been intense pressure put upon PCB's police department.
I think we all agree that the police might not have put their best foot forward on this case.

But, as Pamela's daughter posted, there is a suspect, but not enough evidence to prosecute. In many cases there will always be information that cannot for various reasons be made public, I think that is probably the case here.

Cocytus, I am sorry for sounding critical of you, but you keep saying the same things. You are beating a dead horse(IMHO) trying to read something into this case that just isn't there. Brandy has confirmed that this was not a seedy area. That is what I have also been saying. PJR did what many of us have done- she preferred traveling at night and didn't be as cautious as she should have been. She paid with her life. I have done the similar things when I was younger, though not at the beach. We just seem to take more risks when we are young. With age comes wisdom- and more caution.

I think you need to move past the notion that PJR had motives for being where she was at other than being on vacation with her kids. I really think it was unfortunately a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

As far as phones and smoking go- people were not as anti-smoking then. It is very doubtful anyone would be outside their room at that time just to smoke. Most of these hotels didn't even have no smoking rooms then, there was no need to step out to smoke.

pay phones were located free standing all up and down the strip at close intervals at this time. Also, people were not tied to the phone then like they are now. It was a different time then. No phone in the room was not probably a concern of hers. I am pretty sure that at minimum there was a payphone outside the office. As there was in most of these places.
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