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From IMDb.

A sequel, "Earthquake II", was planned, and a first draft of the script was written by George Fox, who wrote the script for "Earthquake", but it never made it into development. The sequel follows several of the surviving characters of the original: George Kennedy; Victoria Principal; Richard Roundtree and Gabriel Dell, as they settle in San Francisco. The multi-tiered plot centers on a group of scientists trying to predict future earthquakes on the west coast, a corrupt builder constructing high rise apartments on unstable land, and the original characters adjusting to new relationships (Kennedy and Principal) and new business ventures (Roundtree and Dell). An unexpected, massive earthquake hits off the coast of San Francisco, leveling the city, as a tsunami threatens to wash the Bay Area off the map. Completed in late-1975, the script went through channels at Universal (up to Sid Sheinberg) and the project was active up until early-1977 ("EQII" and Rollercoaster (1977) were in pre-production simultaneously) but "EQII" project was killed. This original script was newly discovered in 2005.
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