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Originally Posted by gilligan fanatic
I just got in the whole thing and I have watched the first three episodes so far. It is a lot better than I thought it would be. Honey gets preety annoying with the "I'll get it" line, but I guess that is the point. The jokes are corny, but I think they are suppose to be. Babs is good, she doesn't have many speaking lines, but she doesn't need to , "Chuckie" is kind of a pointless character, he is in the least amount. They make Lloyd sound stupid and a wimp, but I didn't really like that. Overall I would call it a 6/10. I think they tried hard on it. I would have loved to see a GI episode of the show, to bad that never happened. So far it was referenced to in two of the three I saw.
Did you, by any chance, get the unaired episodes? I'd love to see them!
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