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Like Father,Like Son
Jack:He used to come to my baseball games.
Janet:What's wrong with that?
Jack:He caught the fly ball for me.
Zack: That's not as bad as what he for me since it caused things to get weird and your parents almost got divorced.
Jack:What do you mean?
Zack: Do you remember when he invited himself to stay at my new place when I got myself emancipated?
Zack: Well the first time I brought a girl there,he came in and interrupted us
Janet:That must've been embarrassing.
Zack: Then it got worse.
Zack:He knew it was my first time and he threw himself at my girlfriend to show me how.
Jack:He did what?!
Zack:Yeah.He went to jail and I went to therapy
Mickie is the best woman to step inside the ring
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