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Originally Posted by dynoguy88 View Post
Indeed. Jess Rush was still a teenager at the time, if I'm not mistaken. I think he started college the following year. The man Angela described to Rob was older, around middle age, wearing overalls.

Rush mentioned killing others. That does not surprise me. But I don't think one of the 'others' was Angela.
You got to remember we only have a second hand description of the abductor from someone not around to clarify it anymore. And if he had a dirty and unkept appearance with a beard, he could have easily been either much younger or older than he appeared. You'd be surprised how much a thick beard, overalls, dirt, and glasses can make some people in their 20's look like they are in their 40's or 50's, it may have even been an intentional disguise for all we know. There is just no way of even zeroing in on an age range for the abductor given what we know. Which means he could be anywhere from in his 40's to his 80's today since this was 28 years ago.

That being said, I don't see any evidence these guys did it, we'd probably have to have more information to really make a good guess.

I know this case frustrates the hell out of people and they are desperate to tie everyone from Kenneth McDuff, to Larry Hall, to this guy to it. But the fact is there is just not enough evidence to tie anyone to it, unless law enforcement knows more than they are telling trying to trap someone.

Sadly I only give this about a 15-20% chance of being solved now. To much time passed and simply not enough evidence out there to nail anyone with no body, vehicle, or physical evidence. Unless like I said, the police know more than they are saying.
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