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Originally Posted by LooksLikeCRicci
Everyone is entitled his or her respective opinion.

I don't believe I got emotional when I stated to you that I believed Nathan suffered from PTSD. I still think that. I also think DallasTexan made a fair point about survivor's guilt. That's another form of PTSD and also a recognized condition.

I've never understood folks who insist that people who have suffered trauma remember every exact detail. In sex abuse/rape/assault cases, we actually spend time trying to educate the jurors about how our memories work when we've experienced trauma. Luckily, most jurors have common sense and realize that when someone is being beaten by an assailant, they're not going to take the time to count how many times they were hit. They're not going to take out a watch and time exactly how long the assault occurred. They don't do that because they're trying to survive and that is their sole focus. I'm sure you have heard about rape victims who have made statements to the effect of, "as it was happening, I slipped out of my body. I don't remember a lot." The rape victim isn't lying-- she's experienced disassociation, which is a well-recognized defense mechanism to trauma.

This is why I don't discount Nathan's story. He went through a traumatic event. He doesn't remember every little detail. It happens. It's expected. It's what the brain does in order to survive. It doesn't mean a crime occurred.
I wasn't talking about you. Just TheCars1986, and DallasTexan

Now, I'm sure he doesn't remember every single detail, and is trying to connect the dots to give a cohesive story, but it still doesn't make sense. I get he was disillusioned, and stranded in a terrible situation, but his story still doesn't stick.

The distance he swam, the drug ship, none of it sticks. I'm not saying he was a nasty murderer, but he definitely lied about the events that occurred.
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