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Here's a little bit of trivia that many don't know....

The ORIGINAL theme song to the show was written by the songwriting team of Alan and Marily Bergman for their friend Lear (they also wrote the theme songs to 'Maude' and 'Good Times', as well as 'Alice'), and came in at 45 seconds long. After the song was finished, Lear made a few changes to the show and felt the original song didn't fit the 'tweaked' concept.

Shortly after it was discarded, singer Neil Diamond came upon the song and thought it had potential as a 'full length' song, and expanded the song with instrumentals, as the Bergmans added more verses to make a full song - coming in at 4 minutes long. Diamond recorded 'this song' for his album "I'm Glad You're Here With Me Tonight" that same year, and a year later (1978) Barbra Streisand recorded the song for her album "Songbird". Neither artist released the solo version as a single, though.

With a little creativity from a DJ in the fall of 1978, they recorded the song together as a duet, and had one of the biggest hits of each of their career - "You Don't Bring Me Flowers". (The duet first appeared at the end of 1978 on 'Barbra Streisand's Greatest Hits, Volume 2'. It's now available on a number of 'Greatest Hits' CDs by each artist.)

So 'All That Glitters' was not Gold for Lear, but turned out to be a Gold seller for Streisand/Diamond and the Bergmans.
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