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Originally Posted by kamy
I found this case odd too and wondered if she could be found as a small child on any of the missing person websites. I would think they would have followed up with the Miami PD (isn't that where she said she thought it may have happened?) to check into children abducted in the 60s, or whenever it was. Very interesting case, I hope she finds what she is looking for. As an adopted child I can understand her frustration, and the fact she was potentially kidnapped makes it worse.
There is at least one woman, Linda Snyder ( former name Linda Bermey)
that was forced to give her babygirl up for adoption in 1963. She was 17.
She have searched for her baby since.
The baby was born March 31st 1963. 8#1oz, dark brown hair. Adopted from : The catholic unwed mothers home. Geary.

Trie and check that out.
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