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Originally Posted by TVFactFan View Post
In Part 2 of Sherman Hemsley's Interview on Youtube he was asked why Amen was cancelled and said

"Because it was Johnny Carson Show and since he was leaving NBC that year he just took everything with him included the show"

Learn something new everyday-lol
Apparently, Carson specifically stated that he wanted David Letterman for the Tonight Show spot on NBC. He was not fond of Jay Leno despite Leno's success on his off nights. Leno and his team essentially got Carson ousted from the show. He was supposed to retire in 1993 but NBC had him pushed out a year earlier. Carson was so devastated over how the network treated him that he refused to have anything to do with them ever again. He had a big production company that was producing shows for NBC (such as Amen), and he was supposed to do occasional shows for the network. He severed all ties with them after leaving.
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