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Originally Posted by '80sSitcoms View Post
That's funny, because they actually highly praise her timing in one of the DVD bonus features.
I just don't see it. I don't mind the character - every apartment building has a busybody older woman in it - and she fits that part well. But her one-liners always seem a bit forced, and her delivery is....flat, often.

Yesterday, there was an ep on about a Santa Claus robber (played by Reginald Vel Johnson) - it was one of the crappy Countess Vaughan episodes. At one point, someone mentions the robber coming back. The line for Pearl is: "For what? The TV!?!". But she says it very flat, and without timing, so it comes out essentially as "For what the TV?". There should be a pause after "For What", and her voice should have gone up and down.

Maybe it was the way they wrote for her.
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