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I had the chance to binge-watch S5 of Amen and it's been years since I seen the episodes together like that. I caught them here and there when it was in syndication. The show definitely changed in the last season and you could tell that the Fresh Prince was ushering in a new era of NBC as they wanted more urban themes to capture younger people. Clarence So Fine was like Amen's answer to Will Smith and Deacon Frye was the proverbial Uncle Phil. MC Hammer even guest starred in that season. When you look at Amen in S1-S4, the church was the central focus of the show. In S5, it became more about the lives of Thelma, Rueben, Deacon, and Clarence. Cassietta left as she never had a storyline revolving around here and it seemed like no one noticed she was gone, lol.

Shows like Fresh Prince, A Different World, Blossom, In The House, Out All Night, Rhythm and Blues, Brotherly Love, and others were attempts to pull in young professionals and a few of them lasted a few seasons and others were short lived. This is when NBC and Fox began to fight over viewers.
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