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Originally Posted by seventies_sitcoms
I think it's more of the rarity than quality. I mean a lot of the shows in reruns I don't think are really better or worse than Maude. I don't understand how the show was so huge, but it is never given a proper chance in reruns to obtain a new fanbase. It is yanked because channels are scared of the "sponsors" for showing "low-rated" shows.

As for people saying Maude was a political show I don't get it. The episodes I taped from On Demand weren't all political so I don't know what people are yapping about. I do vaguely remember her running for Congress, but other than that what was so constantly political about the show that killed it in syndication?

I just think a lot of people didn't like a dominating and in your face female head character of a show.

I would watch this show anytime over a lot of others, but I guess I'm saying that because I'm a Bea Arthur fan. I enjoy her sarcastic style of humor, and for me that makes the show enjoyable and good over a lot of other programs. I can see why a lot of people don't like it. Plus you get 1980s scream queen Adrienne Barbeau in the series too.
I wonder if Maude is one of those shows that in the long run, suffered by being "too main character centric"? What I mean is that if watch that show now, you'll see that it barely has supporting characters; they have nothing to do except feed Bea Arthur/Maude brief straight lines, and sometimes she even steals those. Literally, the supporting cast would just stand there silent while she set up her own jokes.
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