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Default The Lords of Flatbush reunion

I would have liked to see more hidden Easter eggs in the show.
Example: Episode "Because It's There"
Fonzie shocks his friends when he throws his leather jacket away after finding a note taped to the bottom of the old cookie jar that held the last three cookies his mother baked for him before she deserted him...until he finally tells them why.

Fonz switched back to his windbreaker in Happy Days: Season 11, Episode 1 wearing a jacket similar to Season 1 and 2. IF and when I find the photo, I'll add it next to this photo for comparison. It was a retro throwback!

OR I would have loved to see a "Lords of Flatbush" re-union, Henry would play the Fonz, and his old crew would stop by just to say hello or whatever in thieir character and costume. Probably near impossible because Stallone was a big star by 1980.

Now I know they did have Fonz reunite with his old Falcon gang in these episodes
Season 9, Episode 1: Home Movies: Part 1 - October 6 1981 and
Season 9, Episode 2: Home Movies: Part 2
But I would have LOVED to see the old crew from the Lords of Flatbush get together as a retro throwback innstead.

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