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Originally Posted by rich p
"God will get you for that!"

Maude was OK on her show but nowheres near as funny as she was on AITF. A key problem with Maude on her show was she was too one-dimensional. On AITF, for example, you saw other sides to Archie than the irrascible bigot--like when he tenderly visited Gloria after the miscarriage--the look of pained concern when he thinks Edith may have cancer. On Maude it would have been refreshing to see Maude do say or think something out of character--something reactionary for example. And yes, the other characters could be funny too-esp. Arthur--when he and Maudie went at it.

Some of the Episode Ideas were just AWFUL. Like why have Maude and Arthur in ONE ROOM the entire episode?-lol It was a ep in 74/75
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