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Originally Posted by KingofTVResearch
In your opinion, what makes this a very good show? Just Curious. I finally seen several eps of the show in 2004 and 2005 and I gave the show overall a C. It's watchable but not many Laugh out Loud Moments.

Gosh I Don't know King IMO a C is a tiny bit harsh. Sometimes when you evaluate a piece of work you have to keep in mind how much effort is made trying to make the premise work, the potential of the actors (all good) and then weigh this against what actually came across. IMO, Maude was forced. It's heart was in the right place--the writing, direction & production were not. Just look at Bea Arthur in other venues and you can see how great she can be. She was amazing on AITF & The Golden Girls. What the show Maude tried to do was laudable, even if it wasn't successful at it...I'd give it C+/B-, since it did aim for something opposed to something canned like Good Times (D+)
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