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I'm not positive, but I think the "Friends" theme song was a hit song by The Rembrandts long before it was used as a theme song.

Most of the others I knew have been said.
There are quite a few theme songs like those of "The Greatest American Hero" and "Growing Pains" that became big hits on the radio and it's probably easier to think of those, but I guess we're not going for that. Well...

Your best bet on those is shows that tried to capture a certain decade. Usually those shows also used a song from that decade to help define the show. "The Wonder Years" is an excellent example.

There was a sitcom in 1994 I used to watch called "The Boys are Back" and I'm wanting to say the theme song was Thin Lizzy's "The Boys are Back in Town"

It would have made sense anyway. This might be a stretch but what about the theme songs to "New Kids on the Block", "HammerMan", and "Kid 'N' Play"? (I promise you these were all early 90s cartoons) I don't remember, but one of them might have used a song already made popular by the group for the theme song.

Anyway, here's one I am sure about. In that great early 90s sitcom "Get a Life", starring Chris Elliot, the theme song was "Stand in the Place Where You Live" by R.E.M.

Great song and great show.
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