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Originally Posted by Kane
Although it is not yet known as to how long each new episode will actually be (a half-hour, full-hour, etc.), the one-segment-per-episode method will severely undermine the purpose of UM, if not defeat it. The show's segments were very effective in saying a lot in 12 to 15 minutes, especially the missing persons and wanted segments. The show effectively played like a newsmagazine (e.g. 60 Minutes and 20/20) in the sense of featuring 3 or 4 stories per one-hour episode.
I couldn't agree more, Kane. You hit the nail on the head. If they are truly trying to get back to what made UM great, it needs to be a (small) variety of cases that are 15-20 minutes and creepy AF. The nice thing is that they aren't locked into a 60 minute time frame of cases and ads. On Netflix, if it only goes 50 minutes or goes 1:10, who cares? That will give them a little more leeway but hopefully they still capture the spirit of the classic episodes.
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