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Default Megan Mullally to miss two episodes amid rumors of a feud with Debra Messing

Karen Walker will be absent from two of the 11th and final season's 18 episodes, according to a TVLine report published shortly before tonight's final season premiere. "Itís not clear why Mullally took the time off, but her mini-departure comes amid rumors of friction on the set between her and co-star Debra Messing," says TVLine's Michael Ausiello. There have been reports of a behind-the-scenes feud for the past few months, with Radar Online reporting in August that "they canít stand to be near each other, and it created an impossible atmosphere on the set." Last month, Eric McCormack denied any tension, telling Us Weekly: ďThe four of us get along like a house on fire, we always have.Ē As Ausiello notes, "the scuttlebutt started earlier this year when sharp-eyed fans noticed that Mullally and Messing stopped following each other on Instagram. And in subsequent Will & Grace-themed social media posts, the pair have rarely been pictured together. (It also appears that Mullally has stopped following her aforementioned onscreen sidekick, Sean Hayes.)" Neither NBC nor Mullally have responded to TVLine's request for comment.
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