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I saw a 1980 newspaper article about Lucy's move to NBC that referred to her last CBS special as a disaster. I'm assuming they were referring to Lucy Comes to Nashville. I remember being unaware of that special until sometime after it aired, and I subscribed to TV Guide and always looked for Lucy-related stuff. So I don't know how I missed it. I'm assuming they did a poor job publicizing it.

As for Lucy Moves to NBC, it's not hugely surprising it didn't do well, though 52nd place is really low. But NBC was really, really struggling back in those days. During the 1970-80 season, NBC only had four shows in the top 30. And their top show (Real People) was only in 15th place. Most NBC programs at that time were in the lower rankings. They were looking to Lucille Ball and Mel Brooks to save the network, but ultimately it was Bill Cosby several years later who pulled that off.

Originally Posted by nvtlover
Here's what I found summarized:
Lucy in London = #1 (tied with three others)
Happy Anniversary and Goodbye = #4
Lucy Gets Lucky = Not in Top 20
Three for Two = #8
What Now Catherine Curtis = #16
CBS Salutes Lucy = #2
Lucy Calls the President = #12
Lucy Comes to Nashville = Not in Top 20
Lucy Moves to NBC = #52 (her lowest)
All Star Party for Lucille Ball = #8
Stone Pillow = #9

When is Happy Anniversary and Goodbye, What Now, Catherine Curtis, and Lucy Moves to NBC going to be out by MPI? DO you think Lucy comes to Nashville will ever be released?
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