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Originally posted by Teddys_Gurl

An architect or an interior designer.... both. Lol.. I haven't changed my mind since I was 7 and I don't think I will ever be.
An architect... hmmm that's what my like, 3rd cousin is. He's freakin rich cause he gets like, everything in Western MA... all the schools, things that need renovating, etc. His company is purdy popular around here
The people who think they know everything about Broadway make me laugh. They've never seen a Broadway play in their life.
"oh mi godddd RENT's a mooovie! lyke 525600 minuuuuuuutes!" No.

To be a Broadway Freak, you must live, eat, sleep, study, devout, think, obsess, dream, believe Broadway.
You must know original & revival casts, soundtracks, performance runs, dates, theatres, numbers, how many Tony Awards A Chorus Line won.
You must be Broadway.
That's right bitches. I AM Broadway.
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