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Default I would have loved

To have seen that
he seemed like a really good natured guy and he was so funny
Plus he had a filthy mouth and didnt care!

I tried to imagine what it would be like to be his real grandchildren
with this wild man for a grandaddy!

he was hilarious

once during the meal, he has to use the restroom and he joked

"too bad u didnt bring a camera, u could follow me in and get some REALLLL good pictures!"--- a total lunatic, but i appreciated the fact that he was real. not a prepackaged sitcom star like so many of the ones today, he was a real guy who wasn't perfect, wasn't politically correct, wasn't average
and was proud of it

a real cool cat
and im glad i got the chance to meet him and see firsthand!

he will be missed

I have not been trading for some time now, so please do not ask---- sorry, i cannot help you!
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