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Brooklyn, many years ago had a club called "warm beer and lousy food". It was really a improv before there was such a thing as a improv. Pips and Dangerfield's and the comedy club were not in existence then. They really served warm beer and stale pizza. Friday nights who ever wished could go on this tiny stage and perform. Some were really God awful, making those on American Idol sound like stars. About a every third week Al Lewis would perform. The man loved the stage and he was more then just "Grandpa", he was a funny guy. Much of his stuff was ad lib and he always got a standing ovation, while others were booed away. It was a great place and many started there. David Brenner, Rodney etc. but there was just something about Al. He was a down to earth guy, one of the people. When a Jew uses the word mensch he means Al Lewis.

I'm sure he's making someone laugh upstairs.

P.S. Mensch means " A man", the highest tribute you can pay a person.

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