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Cool Grandpa

It was not at his restaurant that he had owned
we were in a small little italian place, myself and a few friends, and i noticed this old man talking to some people at another table....
at first, i thought "what a loudmouth" b/c he was very loud and animated, and looked pretty funny with his hair longer than most old men and a cigar in his mouth and he had on a baggy leather jacket, then i noticed it looked like al lewis

at first, i didnt think it was him, but after about 5 minutes of eavesdropping i noticed it was and i had to interrupt

i said, excuse me grandpa, but u really have to sit and eat with us

and so he sat down and ate! i said it jokingly but he said down and ordered some manicotti and extra garlic bread and i joked around saying "i thought vampires hated garlic" and he called me a smart a$$ and he was a real riot

i had pizza, and reached over and grabbed a piece and took a bite, like he had known me for years!

he seemed much younger than he was
he must have been 83 or 83 or so then
but he acted like he was 23!

he moved like an old man, and he looked old in the face
but he talked and acted and thought young

plus he must have muched on 3 cigars during the meal, he didnt much smoke them
just kind of chewed on them

anyhow, we talked about a lot of things (my 1 friend is a bigger tv junkie than me and knew like a million facts about munsters guest stars and roles that al lewis had done and howard stern show appearances and all)
and he was a really nice guy

UNFORTUNATELY i didnt have a camera with me
so all i got was a few autographed napkins

but he made my day and my trip to ny that time!


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