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On this day in 1962, June 6, the Beatles appeared at Abbey Road Studios for the first time for a recording test with the Parlophone label of EMI Records. Producer and Parlophone director George Martin didn't find anything particularly distinctive about their brand of rock and roll, and he found them a little antisocial. Martin finally asked them, should they be given a recording contract, if there was anything they didn't like.

"Well, for a start," George Harrison replied, "I don't like your tie!"

Martin and the Beatles broke into hapless laughter; the ice was broken, and they got along fabulously. Martin, whose label was a novelty label with no big stars save Peter Sellers and his fellow Goon Show comedians (Spike Milligan and Harry Secombe), decided to sign them. "I have nothing to lose," he thought to himself.

Later, Martin told other EMI label directors at a meeting that he signed a rock and roll group from Liverpool called the Beatles, and that they'd be hearing a lot from this new group.

Eveyone laughed at the idea of anything significant coming from Parlophone - least of all, a rock and roll group from Liverpool.

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