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Unhappy The Final Dan Ingram Show

It was on this date, May 7th, 1982:

With WABC was winding down to talk radio 3 days later, Dan Ingram hosted his final afternoon show while Ron Lundy does his final show first. When Dan did his last show, he plays some of his favorite music from 21 years at WABC. That was 21 years before CBS-FM does his final weekend Dan Ingram show from June 30th of 2003. I missed Dan Ingram since it was on CBS-FM for 13 years and over 40+ years in NY radio. Here is the final Dan Ingram show on WABC. The aircheck opens with Herb Oscar Anderson's theme "Hello Again" the song became an anthem (when Herb Oscar Anderson joined "The Music of Your Life" radio network last year, he played the same theme song.)

(Aircheck courtesy of Jonathan Wolfert of JAM Creative Productions and
Musicradio77 Productions
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