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I did my research in advance - reading through the posts on, the reviews on Amazon. Reading people's complaints as well as tips. They helped enormously. I didn't have any problem hooking it up, and I planned to experiment and mess around for a while before committing myself. Not to the unit, but to do any disc for anyone but myself. I probably had the unit for a couple of months before I did any discs for anyone else. And since I found cheap DVD-RAMs, I copied everything off onto those so I could revisit the recordings once I figured everything out.

One thing that will help to know in advance is if you put in a bad disc to record onto, the unit will shut itself down. It's not broken, it's going into a protective holding pattern. The first time that happened to me, I about freaked out!

You may find that cheaper brands of discs work better for you. I tested the test discs in the machines in my family, and Maxell worked best on those units. (TDK, oddly enough, was very iffy - it would play beautifully on one deck, and register as a non-disc on another).

Also remember that in order to play the recorded disc on another machine, you have to finalize it - that encodes the disc so that it is recognized as a burned DVD-R.

Allow yourself some time to play with the unit - don't schedule any DVD-R trades for a while until you've messed around with it a bit.
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