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Originally posted by isiahthomas
McBain is gonna tell Natalie today that he wants her cause Natalie asked him what does he want from her. What's that girl's name who River likes that is Carlotta's goddaughter? Carlotta was talkin to Dorian yesterday that she moved her goddaughter out of town to get away from River cause her & River are in love with each other. Carlotta makes my ass sick. Ain't nothin wrong with River & that girl being together. Carlotta's goddaughter is a hottie though. She is very attractive.
A hottie?? She's a minor.....that's probably why Carlotta doesn't want River around her. I don't blame her much, though. River doesn't seem to be the "calmest" person around. Like a time-bomb waiting to explode. A young version of Antonio.

Natalie and Christian get married tomorrow, so McBain won't be messing that up.


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