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Smile Todd/Walker

Originally posted by isiahthomas
U can say what u want about Kelly but she looks attractive to me. I can't stand Blair's daughter Starr. That girl gets on my nerves. She got a smart mouth & i'm tired of her talkin back to Blair & Blair don't never do nothin to her. She needs to be punished more. I think Natalie should've never got involved in pool playing. Some guy that has some money invested in her to win a pool tournament looks dangerous & he likes her. Christian isn't gonna like this guy when he finds out what he's been doing with Natalie. Walker Lawrence is also a odd dude. He told Starr he's supposed to be her father Todd but Todd is dead so i don't understand that.
Todd isn't dead. Walker IS Todd thanks to some creative plastic surgery. You must not watch the show regularly because that was revealed a couple of months ago.

Christian didn't like McBain from the first day McBain showed up in Llanview.

The actress playing Kelly is horrible. They need to bring back the actress who originated Kelly -- Gina Tognoni.



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