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Thumbs up Al & Marcie

Originally posted by isiahthomas
LOL@Al & Marcie as a couple hahahahahahahahahahaha. Marcie isn't attractive & she's pudgy. I'm glad RJ's daughter Carrie is dead. She got on my nerves always messing with Antonio trying to mess up his life. How did she expect him to forgive her after she lied to him that she was dead? She can't be mad at him for sleeping with her mother. He didn't know that was her mother when they first met. I like that new girl who is Carlotta's goddaughter. She is very attractive. I forgot what her name is on the show but her real name is Amanda Cortinas. Carlotta is getting on my nerves cause she won't allow her to see that white boy she likes named River. I like Kelly who is married to Kevin. Kelly is very attractive. She used to play on Bold & The Beautiful.
You're an idiot! Al and Marcie were the only true and honest couple on OLTL! Killing him off was the most asinine thing TPTB ever did and that's why he's coming back. Plus the "pudgy" are clearly a chauvinist pig and refuse to see the truth that 75% of American women are size 12 and up. The actress playing Kelly looks like a mid-surgery transexual.

Wake up and smell the coffee!!!


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