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Default Current Schedule

With some new releases coming out, I'm updating my "fake" schedule for my "imaginary" channel. I only count shows that will come out in complete season sets, with the possibiliy of actually owning every episode to all of these series one day. That's why, as of now, I'm leaving Mister Ed out. From what I've heard, his is only a "Best of" release.

6:00am X-Men: Evolution
6:30am Street Fighter: The Animated Series
7:00am H.R. Pufnstuf
7:30am Land of the Lost
8:00am The Simpsons
8:30am The Simpsons
9:00am Futurama
9:30am King of the Hill
10:00am Family Guy
10:30am The Tick
11:00am Strangers with Candy
11:30am Mr. Bean
12:00pm Planet of the Apes
12:30pm "POFA Cont."
1:00pm The X-Files
1:30pm "TXF Cont."
2:00pm The Prisoner
2:30pm "Cont."
3:00pm Absolutely Fabulous
3:30pm Looney Tunes
4:00pm Saved by the Bell
4:30pm Happy Days
5:00pm The King of Queens
5:30pm Married ... With Children
6:00pm NewsRadio
6:30pm Taxi
7:00pm Bosom Buddies
7:30pm Three's Company
8:00pm The Dick Van Dyke Show
8:30pm Gilligan's Island
9:00pm Green Acres
9:30pm I Love Lucy
10:00pm The Honeymooners
10:30pm The Monkees
11:00pm Cheers
11:30pm All in the Family
12:00am Friends
12:30am What's Happening
1:00am Good Times
1:30am Soap
2:00am M*A*S*H
2:30am M*A*S*H
3:00am NewsRadio
3:30am NewsRadio
4:00am Taxi
4:30am Taxi
5:00am Three's Company
5:30am Three's Company
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