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8:00PM "Three's Company" (Nov. 2003)
8:30PM "Sanford and Son"
9:00PM "The Golden Girls" (2004)
9:30PM "All in the Family"
10:00PM "I Love Lucy"
10:30PM "Cheers"
11:00PM "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"
11:30PM "Green Acres" (Jan. 2004)
12:00AM "The Monkees"
12:30AM "Soap"
1:00AM "Gilligan's Island" (Jan. 2004)
1:30AM "What's Happening"
2:00AM "The Honeymooners" (Nov. 2003)
2:30AM "The Dick Van Dyke Show"
3:00AM "Saved By The Bell"
3:30AM "The Jeffersons"
4:00AM "Petticoat Junction"
4:30AM "Good Times"
5:00AM "Mister Ed" (Jan. 2004)
5:30AM "That Girl"

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