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They have announced their midseason plans - Sean and MJF are staying in tact, Community is moving back to 8:00, and Parks & Rec is shifting to 8:30. Then after the Winter Olympics they're premiering 2 new comedies (About a Boy and Growing Up Fisher) on Tuesdays at 9:00 after The Voice.

They really don't have much of a choice but to keep them around - the only other comedy they have on the bench is Undateable, and I don't really think that would do any better than either of them. But these ratings are embarrasing, and they need to think long and hard about their comedy development next year. They already have a series order for a new Tina Fey comedy, so they need to find out how to make that work for them.

The funny thing is they're doing OK on the drama front, with The Blacklist emerging as a hit and Grimm, Chicago Fire, and SVU all remaining steady. But the state of their comedy is certainly worse than ever. Greenblatt just has no idea how to make a good comedy show.
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