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ABC Boss Blames "The Mayor's" Likely Cancellation on "Political Fatigue"
by Michael Ausiello
January 8, 2018

ABC is blaming "The Mayor‘s" untimely death on… Donald Trump? At the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour on Monday, ABC president Channing Dungey speculated that the current political climate contributed to the comedy’s quasi-cancellation.

I feel like the show arrived on the scene at a time when people were feeling a little bit fatigued about anything that had to do with politics,” Dungey told reporters. “And I think even our title, The Mayor, maybe didn’t help us because when you watch the show it was so much about that workplace family, as well as his relationship with his mom, and [not] so much about politics.

Dungey conceded that "The Mayor’s" failure “was a little bit of a heartbreak for all of us,” adding, “We really went full-blazes with marketing. It was a top priority for us in terms of the campaign… It did not connect with the audience in the way that we were hoping that it would. I still stand by with the creative. I think we had an incredible cast.

The issue did not seem to be one of the audience not knowing that the show was there, which is sometimes the case,” she continued. “People knew — they just didn’t come. And what was more disappointing for me, personally, was the delayed viewing numbers also continued to drop. And that’s the biggest signal that, ultimately, for whatever reason, it was not a show that’s connecting.
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