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Lilly’s phone began to vibrate across her desk back at the station. She touched the screen to bring up a text message and read it slowly. She jumped around when a shadow appeared over her. “Scotty.”

“I don’t usually scare you. What’s up, someone send you a dirty message?”

“Not exactly, but it does concern me,” insisted Lilly.

“Something to do with the case?” asked Scotty.

Lilly showed him the message: “I’M IN THE CITY; I WOULD LIKE TO SEE YOU.” “Don’t freak out, but it’s from Ryan.”

Scotty stepped backward. “What do you think he wants?”

“I’m not sure; he doesn’t actually go into details,” Lilly told him.

“You haven’t been able to reach him forever, and now he finally sends a message your way. He wants something,” insisted Scotty.

“Well, whatever it is, I’ll deal with it,” Lilly replied.

Then Stillman approached the desk. “Any luck locating Trent ‘Viper’ Yardley?”

“We’ve been placing calls everywhere; nobody in the tristate area seems to know where he is,” insisted Scotty.

“It’s still early in the day; try contacting the local media outlets and getting the Rickon picture and the ‘Viper’ sketch we got from Brian Taylor on the news. Make sure to mention the name Chuck Weisman also; maybe somebody will see the pictures and we will get lucky,” Stillman explained. “Meanwhile, I found Carmen Mendoza. Me and Darius are headed down to the garage on Essington Ave. where she apparently works now.”
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