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“Mercedes Boy”

“Cherry had just drilled another hole on my dashboard after I racked up another win against Chuck. I was about to leave the warehouse when they started talking. ‘Cherry, how much of my car’s interior could be stripped?’

“’Most of it if you give me time. What for?’ Cherry asked.

“’Every ounce lighter is a few seconds faster, right? I haven’t won anything since I joined; these guys all see me as some lucky loser. I need to win some races if I’m going to get any respect with this crew,’ Chuck replied.

“Cherry walked over to the red, metal tool chest in the far right corner of the garage. ‘I can do it, but you won’t beat these fools with speed alone.’

“’Maybe not now. But I’m a good driver, and once you work on the car—‘

“’How did you lose that first race?’ asked Cherry.

“’I don’t know. All of the sudden I just looked up from my steering wheel, and a bunch of cars came flying out of the alley in front of me,’ Chuck told him.

“’That’s how you lost; you stuck to the streets. You may know driving, but this crew knows the city. You’re not from Philadelphia, are you, ‘Mach 3’?” asked Cherry.

“Chuck couldn’t speak at first. Then he sighed, ‘How did you know?’

“’You still look a little too tanned to have lived in the city long. I’m guessing you spent a lot of time at the beach growing up; it’s how a fellow ‘New Jerseyan’ can always tell one of her own. Anyway, I got to stay because I knew how to tighten a few screws, but if you want success with this crew, this is what you need.’ Cherry explained as she pulled some documents out of the chest and handed them to him.


“’If you want to win races, you need to know every alley, shortcut, and dirty trick that they might throw at you,’ Cherry insisted.

“Chuck leaned back against the wall behind him. ‘As long as we’re trusting each other, I’m getting a little tired of not knowing anyone here. My name is Charles Weisman; most people call me Chuck.’

“’Don’t tell that to too many people here. If the cops catch one of them, the last thing you want is for that one to have a name he can give them,’ Cherry informed.

“’If that happens, I’ll just have to out run them,’ Chuck responded.

“’You might want to win a few races before you get cocky,’ Cherry told him. She walked back to the ‘Mach 3’ car. ‘Carmen Mendoza.’

“’Now who’s being cocky?’ asked Chuck.

“’The cops won’t come after me. I’m not the one tearing up the roads. Now, I believe we both have work to do,’ insisted Cherry as she turned back to the car.”
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