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A prison guard locked eyes with Scotty as he and Lilly headed for the visitation area at Graterford prison. “Valens.”

“Jared Reese. We’re just here to talk to someone,” insisted Scotty.

“Yeah, they cleared you to enter. But if it’s all the same, I think I’ll do a prisoner roll call after you leave anyway,” insisted Jared as he walked away.

“The boss couldn’t have sent somebody else to do this,” Scotty replied.

“You could try asking for special treatment, but they might ask why,” Lilly informed as another guard cleared them to enter the visitation area where Danny Eurich was seated behind a Plexiglas divider. His completely shaved head hovered over his prison-issued orange jumpsuit.

They picked up the phones as Lilly spoke. “Danny Eurich, my name is detective Lilly Rush; this is my partner Scotty Valens—“

“They told me some pigs were coming for me. I’ve got nothing to say to you,” insisted Danny.

“Old habits die hard it seems. I guess I’ll just tell them to add that murder charge to your record. Enjoy spending the rest of your time in solitary,” Scotty added.

“What the hell is he babbling about?” asked Danny.

Lilly showed him a copy of the Rickon ID. “Andy Rickon, he was one of your old street racing buddies back in the late 1980s. His body was found recently along with a car door with black star and circle painted on it,”

“I don’t know him,” Danny replied.

“How about ‘Mach 3’? Do you know him now?” asked Lilly.

“Or how about ‘Torch’?” Scotty added. “We know you used to run the Black Star racers, Danny. How else do you explain all of those auto theft convictions in the 1980s?”

“It must have really cramped your style when LoJack became popular. Is that why you switched over to burglary and armed robbery?” asked Lilly.

Danny shook his head. “I already messed up my life. I’m a three strike offender. Why the hell should I tell you anything? What’s in it for me?”

“How about the chance to touch a real woman again before you die instead of that ten-year-old copy of ‘Hustler’ in your cell?” asked Lilly.

“Are you offering?” asked Danny.

“We’re done here,” insisted Scotty as he stood up from the table.

“Wait! What do you mean?” Danny demanded.

“Word around the prison is that you have a girl on the outside, and you’ve been petitioning for conjugal visits since they applied the third strike to your last conviction. Talk to us and maybe we can make that happen,” insisted Scotty.

Danny sighed. “I recognize him, but that’s not who I knew him as. I knew him as Chuck Weisman,”

Lilly’s ears perked up. “He told you his real name. What happened to this ‘road code’ we keep hearing about?”

“I found out by accident. I overheard him talking to this girl while she was working on his car,” Danny explained.

“’Cherry’. Tell us about her,” Scotty insisted.

“She was the Black Star mechanics expert. She was kind of a weird case too. She found out who I was, and challenged me to a race. We raced back to this abandoned warehouse that we used as a garage, and I smoked her off the line. I figured I would take the pink slip and never see her again. But two days later, she shows up at the warehouse with tips on how to make my car faster,” Danny explained.

“If she knew how to go faster, how did she lose?” asked Scotty.

“I guess I got lucky that day. Anyway, I figured her showing up at my door again was pretty ballsy, so I let her join us,” Danny added. “You said you found part of the car? It must have been a door handle, because that was practically a stock car by the time those two were done with it…”
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