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Scotty walked up to Stillman’s desk the next day. “I see you came in on time today, boss. Is Carla settled in?”

“She is still waiting on a few boxes from home, but other than that she’s set up. I’m thinking about asking her to meet my family soon,” Stillman informed.

“You don’t think that’s moving a little fast?” asked Scotty.

“Maybe, but what are we waiting for at our age?” asked Stillman.

Miller walked up to the pair. “Boss, I did some digging on other members of the Black Star crew. Most of them never got out of the game and have records farther than I can reach. But two names came back to the aliases that Brian Taylor gave us. Danny ‘Torch’ Eurich who is currently locked up in Graterford for armed robbery, and Trent ‘Viper’ Yardley who is in the system but whose current whereabouts are unknown.”

“They caught ‘Viper’? Maybe he should have gotten rid of the tattoo,” insisted Scotty.

“His birth certificate lists a hospital in New Jersey. I’ll try there, again. But that’s not all. I just heard from the divers along the Delaware,” said Miller placing the documents she was holding on Stillman’s desk. “They haven’t found much from the wreckage yet except for a tire with a bullet lodged in it. I’d say this is officially a homicide.”
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