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“Those guys did not like to lose. But ‘Mach 3’ got stronger after that. I wonder how many holes he actually ended up with,” Brian added.

“Holes?” asked Miller.

“Drill marks on the racers’ dashboards. That’s how they kept a count of all the races they won. Last I heard, I think ‘Mach 3’ had about forty of them. ‘Torch’ had twice as many as that; it was his crew after all,” Brian explained.

“So who was this girl that he rescued?” asked Vera.

“Once again, I don’t have a name. The crew just called her ‘Cherry’,” Brian replied.

“’Cherry’?” asked Miller.

“She wasn’t a racer; she was more like our expert mechanic. If you need something fixed, you went to her,” insisted Brian.

“Thank you for your time. We will be in touch,” said Miller as the pair left the track.
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