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Skid Row
“18 and Life”

“The race ended in a vacant lot on N 17th St., and all three prospects finished in the bottom half as I said. This skinny white guy who called himself ‘Torch’ won the race that day, so he got to hold their fates in his hands. ‘This is how it works, prospects. When you finish in the bottom half, your fate rests with the dice,’ he said pulling a single black and white die from the pocket of his ripped jeans. ‘1 or 6 means I get the 4th place car, 2 or 5 means I get the 5th place car, and 3 or 4 means I get the last place car.’

“’Torch’ shook the die in his hand before throwing it in the dirt. A 1 came up. ‘4th place, according to her that was the Dodge Viper.’

“’That’s bull crap!’ ‘Viper’ shouted. I remember he was this big muscle head guy in white shorts and a black tank. He was tanned with a thick, black goatee and he had this long, green snake tattoo on his left arm.

“’Mach 3’ stepped up to ‘Viper’. ‘Cool off, ‘Viper’,’ he said.

“’No, I beat your ass! This is bull crap!’ Viper shouted.

“’You lost, take it like a man,’ said this Spanish girl in a black dress as she retrieved a can of black spray paint from the red tool box next to her. She walked over to the ‘Mach 3’ car and started painting a black circle on the driver’s side door.

“’Hey, I beat his ass! Don’t mark him!’ ‘Viper’ shouted.

“’It wasn’t his number that came up,’ said the girl. ‘Viper charged at her and grabbed her wrist trying to wrench the paint out of her hand.

“’Mach 3’ ran over to her. ‘Leave her alone!’

“’Get out of my face, bitch!’ ‘Viper’ yelled as he shoved ‘Mach 3’. ‘I beat you on the street; I can do it here too!’

“I stepped in along with ‘Torch’. ‘You’ll have to beat us too! He’s one of the crew now which means if you mess with him, you mess with us!’

“That backed him up a few steps. But we still weren’t sure what he was going to do when he picked up a wrench from the tool box. ‘I will get another car, and when I catch you on the street again, I’m going to make you eat this wrench!’ Then he threw the wrench at the car, shattering the left tail light, and stormed off.”
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